Why My Wife Looks Better Than Me?

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Apart from the general belief that women are beautiful people, most women worry about their appearance and want to look as glamorous as they can be. From hairstyles to the condition of their skin and food diet are areas that women concentrate on to ensure they look beautiful. Some of the tips are mentioned below.




Exposure to sun, pollution, dust, dirt, chemical products does more harm to the skin and hair than good. Eating the right foods play a big role in the human body system as it makes both the skin and the hair look good. 

For instance, fish, chicken, and sprouts are good for the body and for people who have normal hair. Fresh vegetables, bananas, nuts, and Vitamin E are great for the skin and those with dry hair while fresh fruits and yogurt are said to be good nutrients for people with oily hair. 


  • Water


Scientifically, drinking enough waterworks on the body like magic. Research says eight glasses of water daily is sufficient. With such a quantity of water, the body will be hydrated and the skin will look younger. 

To guarantee water has optimal performance on the body, drinking alcohol in excess is to be avoided. Excessive alcohol strains the liver which results in enlarged pores; you will sweat a lot, and end up with clogged oil glands often appearing on the face.


  • Makeup 


Each skin has its peculiarities as there is dry or oily skin. Women use different types of makeup to perfect their skin to look good. For example, a primer is a face foundational makeup that allows the skin to look younger by filling pores, lines, and wrinkles on the face. 


  • Remove makeup before sleep


Sleeping with makeup on will damage the face. The chemical substances used in making makeup products have the specific time it should stay on the skin. Leaving makeup on the body while sleeping at night can cause enzyme, blockhead, acne and facial discoloration.


  • Sweet almond oil


Removing lipstick from the lips or other makeup from the body can be difficult at times. Sweet almond oil makes the removal of lipstick easy according to findings. 

To avoid damaging the lips, it is suggested that putting some sweet almond oil on cotton wool and dabbing it over the lips removes lipstick easily from the lips. Sweet almond oil is cheap and is natural. 



  • Blackberries


Research says blackberry leaf extracts possess antioxidants and reduces enzymes that lead to collagen and elastin breakdown. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is found in the skin, tendons, bones, and muscles. 

Elastin is a protein that lends resilience to tissues such as skin. Using the extracts of the leaf allows the skin to stay healthy and to look good.


  • Honey and olive oil


Hair can be damaged from sunrays, bleaching, over-brushing, and overusing shampoo. A mixture of honey and olive oil solves many issues of damaged hair. 

Research has indicated that applying a half cup of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil onto clean damp hair helps damaged hair. Olive oil conditions the hair and honey has an anti-bacterial agent and conditioning.

Research has found that women are twice as likely to get scrutinized on their appearance as men. As a result, a greater percentage of women will always look better than men because they follow the above tips to make their hair beautiful and stylish, and face and skin smooth and soft.