cancer and cigarettes

Smoking My Way to Cancer

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Whilst a cigarette gives you heavenly bliss during each puff, it will eventually lead to ill health. If you smoke because it helps with stress relief or you simply enjoy the habit, or whatever the reason might be, Read the rest of this article to learn the negative impact Cigarettes will have on your Health.

Cigarettes are made of dried tobacco which is wrapped in a small piece of cylindrical paper.  Sometimes narcotic plant leaves are dried and used. Certain cigarettes contain aerosol particles and gasses.  The nicotine content in such products is very high and addictive.

Effect on the lungs:  The nicotine inhaled through smoke directly reaches the lungs.  In the short run, smoking leads to a slight cough, cold and wheezing.  In the long run, it can lead to the following:

  1. Pneumonia- The Mucus becomes thicker.  The cells that produce mucus become larger and more in the body because of smoking.
  2. Severe Asthma- The way oxygen travels inside your lungs narrows.  As a result, breathing becomes tough. There will be severe inflammation along these passages.  This leads to irritation and pain. There is an organ called Cilia inside your lungs. Smoking causes slow-down of Cilia’s functioning.
  3. Lung cancer – Smoking ages the lungs faster.  Infections easily develop inside the lungs.  All people that smoke Cigarettes need to be strong and brave and view pictures of lungs affected by smoke causing cancer.
  4. Death

Other diseases:

Besides totally damaging the lungs, toxins slowly enter the bloodstream.  The toxic sediments settle in body tissues.  

This results in the following conditions:

  1. It can cause cancer in the mouth, throat, nose, even sinus glands can be affected by cancer.
  2. Smoking can damage the entire voice box and food pipe in the human body.  
  3. It affects digestive organs like pancreas and liver.
  4. Leukemia types are triggered by smoking.

How does everything start?

When you are frequently experiencing any of the following conditions, it becomes important to consult a doctor at an early stage:

  1. Continuous coughing on a daily basis
  2. Weakness and tiredness
  3. Severe breathing difficulties
  4. Severe chest pain when you laugh/cough/take deeps breaths.  
  5. When a smoker experiences change to their voice, it should never be ignored.
  6. The reason for the sudden loss of weight should be checked.
  7. Sometimes there may be severe pain along bones like a rib cage, shoulder bone, collar bone and middle of the spine.  Normally this is misinterpreted as strain related to continuous cough. These symptoms should never be ignored.
  8. When smoking has already caused tumor growth inside the lungs, the blood supply to the brain is reduced.  This causes severe headache.
  9. Smoking affects the heart too.  It causes Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Chain smoking can lead to an uneven heartbeat.

Early screening and treatment will help with your chances of a good recovery. But quitting smoking is the best way to look after your health and after reading all the above facts, please think long and hard before you light up a cigarette again.