Cancer Journey

Encouraging Advice for the Cancer Journey

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It all starts with a slight cough. You never know when chain smoking can lead to various health issues. So many people have tried to quit smoking unsuccessfully.  Many ignore the advice from loved ones. It is not too late if you can follow simple health tips and stay in control:

  1. De-addiction:  Stopping smoking and alcohol immediately is essential.  Seek counseling and support for de-addiction. There are so many effective de-addiction therapies.  Using alternatives like vapes can be less hazardous. But even that should be avoided for better recovery from lung cancer.  Meditation can help.  Engaging in hobbies and music can divert the mind.  If you are stressed read books or watch television. Never try smoking as a remedy.  It is not the solution.
  2. Diet:  Include more orange and red fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Having lemon is a must. Ensure that you eat warm food. Avoid cold items.  These might aggravate phlegm and cough.
  3. Green tea:  Having green tea will help the body recharged with anti-oxidants.  It helps in removal of toxins accumulated in your body. It has positive medicinal effects on the lungs.  
  4. Avoid dust:  Air pollution is unavoidable.  Stay away from dust at work and travel.  Families should ensure that the home is kept clean.  As advised by doctor one can wear a mask during travel.
  5. Secondary smoking:  When someone nearby smokes, express your objection gently.  If possible move out of the place immediately. Secondary smoking is as harmful on lungs and heart as primary smoking.
  6. Good oral hygiene:  Lung cancer leads to a high risk of oral cancer too.  Hence keeping good oral hygiene becomes essential. Brush twice a day as advised by the doctor.  Clean the gums and tongue gently. Use a mouthwash to clean your mouth after having food.
  7. Clear phlegm:  One simple point which everyone ignores is clearing phlegm.  Accumulation of phlegm has to be avoided as far as possible.  Whenever you get phlegm in the mouth, spit it safely.  Always carry tissue so that you can clean up yourself whenever required.
  8. Avoid stressful jobs:  Lifting too much weight, doing jobs which require more energy can strain you.  It is best to be aware of what your limitations are. It is prudence to avoid work that might aggravate cough/breathing difficulties. If your work is related to chemicals, pesticides, fumes, cement etc. these have negative side effects on your body and you will need to take precautionary measures.
  9. Network:  Join a group that have with people just like you.  You are not alone in your journey. There are thousands of survivors with whom you can share your worries and fears.  You can get support from them. If you are fit enough, join a small volunteering group. Networking eliminates loneliness.  You will feel better, and happy. It will help you keep motivated and enthusiastic.
  10. Positive reading:  Read positive books like autobiographies.  In the case of cancer, the symptoms become more threatening each day.  There are positive articles written by cancer survivors. These articles will give you a boost and energize you with your Cancer fight.