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cancer and cigarettes

Smoking My Way to Cancer

Whilst a cigarette gives you heavenly bliss during each puff, it will eventually lead to ill health. If you smoke because it helps with stress relief or you simply enjoy the habit, or whatever the reason might be, Read the rest of this article to learn the negative impact Cigarettes will have on your Health.

Cigarettes are made of dried tobacco which is wrapped in a small piece of cylindrical paper.  Sometimes narcotic plant leaves are dried and used. Certain cigarettes contain aerosol particles and gasses.  The nicotine content in such products is very high and addictive.

Effect on the lungs:  The nicotine inhaled through smoke directly reaches the lungs.  In the short run, smoking leads to a slight cough, cold and wheezing.  In the long run, it can lead to the following:

  1. Pneumonia- The Mucus becomes thicker.  The cells that produce mucus become larger and more in the

Aaron m Laxton blog about social commentating

The Aaron M Laxton is a most famous blogger, commentator and also award winning journalist. Actually, he has discussed the entire things in his blog and also provides a lot of information related to HIV as well as other social justice problems. In his HIV journey, the Aaron Laxton takes his YouTube viewers beside for a journey of his life. The Aaron Laxton who was thirty three and not even born, when his several series premiered. His many of the sequence of videos are sharing in the television drama and also records his way of finding in this unfamiliar world.

After he started writing his HIV blog, he has received a lot of social commenting about this. His HIV journey has provided to support a lot of over 250, 000 people in all around 171 countries, which are believing to discover their path to approval as well as considerate. The …