5 Things You Never Knew About Gastric Band Surgery

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Obesity is a severe condition, which can adversely affect the physical, mental and social well-being. Unregulated blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, depression, and diabetes are the potential health hazards associated with excess weight, and it remains as an obstacle in your way of happiness. Bidding adieu to junk food, the right amount of calories, active lifestyle and high-intensity exercises can melt off some stubborn fat and support initial weight loss, still, at times surgery becomes an ideal way to attain your healthy weight so that you can live in peace. Gastric band surgery has proven benefits and perks over their counterparts. Here are five things you probably don’t know about the gastric band surgery.

  1.   The procedure is entirely safe and never life-threatening.

Bariatric surgery procedures like gastric band surgery often confine the quantity of food your stomach can accommodate, thereby restricting the absorption limit, which gradually takes you forward in your weight loss journey. Many times, obese people are discouraged in their pursuit of weight-loss procedures, because of the risk factors associated. Indeed, the health complications related to obesity are far more than the risks associated with the surgery. It is true that no surgical procedure comes free of inherent risks and the probability for severe consequences, but gastro band surgery comes with a lesser threat than the conventional gall bladder removal procedure or knee surgery.


  1.   Surprisingly, the band is adjustable, and the whole process is irreversible!

Gastric band surgery is less invasive than other weight loss procedures like gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. Though it is an expensive procedure, the benefit it offers makes it worth every penny. Gastric band surgery in Turkey is relatively cheap compared to that of other countries – medical tourism companies like MyMediTravel can assist in finding the most suitable facility for your needs. 

Gastric band surgery involves placing a silicone band over the upper part of the stomach, thereby creating an inflated pouch that can hold the nourishment. The pouch can be made smaller or bigger, using the under-skin control port. As a result of which, the sustenance intake by an individual in a sitting significantly reduced. You feel full, satisfied and no more widespread practice unhealthy munching. Are you having any discomfort, intolerance or complications to the band? Easy, take it off or reposition it for immediate relief. Thus, even though the pouch is a long term implant, it is not a permanent one.


  1.   It is performed in the outpatient facility and doesn’t take an hour.

Usually, the patients are operated under general anesthesia. One to four incisions are made, and the band is fixed correctly in the right position by the surgeons, by carefully inserting the camera and other required surgical tools into the abdomen through the cuts made. The procedure requires a decidedly shorter span of hospital stay, just 24 hours! The recovery is super fast, and the visible scars are less in number. Following doctor’s recommendations, diet and lifestyle alterations are imperative to attain the weight loss goals. A few follow up visits could be scheduled, ensure all is ok and for the Doctor to check on progress. 


  1.   It doesn’t interfere or alter your everyday rituals.

Many people fear that inserting something into the abdominal cavity may result in symptoms like stomach abnormalities, infection due to the erosion of foreign objects and discomfort while doing everyday chores. However, the gastric band surgery is an extremely and friendly procedure, as the fitted band doesn’t interfere with the processes of absorption and digestion. The band is made of silicone rubber, which is entirely safe without any complications. With proper, dedicated aftercare, you can move around, exercise and lift heavy weights just like any other day and eventually start to visualize the slimmer you.


  1.   The procedure improves physiological and psychological wellbeing.

The weight loss is slow-paced compared to other surgical procedures, but remember, it is always healthy to reduce pounds slowly and steadily. It is evident that gastric band surgery can potentially improve the conditions associated with obesity like diabetes, blood pressure and so on. In some instances, even the life expectancy of the patients is enhanced. The satisfaction of attaining the weight loss goals gives a sense of contentedness, increased self-esteem, and a better quality of life.